Sunday, October 4, 2015

My nerves are getting on my nerves!!

I went to the Dr this week (my primary) because I've been having muscle cramps and my ankle hurts to walk on it. Muscle cramps like washing dishes, putting a bra on, or brushing my teeth....makes my arms, shoulder blades, and back ache to the point of almost tears. The ankle, I thought, was because of the bone chip i had in July. I haven't been able to walk for exercise because of pain. First thing, I have the best primary doctor!!!! She doesn't jump on the computer. She reads that before she comes in. She brings a notebook and questions how things she jotted are going and makes notes. She is thorough. She also wants to rule out things and talk to my neuro. Her concern was fibromyalgia. She did some blood work and sent an email to neuro. The results are in and fibromyalgia it is. They increased my medicine I'm on for spasticity and we are hoping it helps.
Now for the ankle! Apparently, I've been compensating for the pain by standing differently on my ankle. So, we started physical therapy. In 37 years, I've never had pt. But they measure your strength and range of motion on both feet. Since its my left ankle, it's my weak side. Until that day, I didn't realize how much difference. There is a substantial difference in my range of motion. This is our first focus. While I wait for insurance to approve 3 sessions for 4 weeks, I have some basic stretching exercises to help with it. I'm hoping it helps because I've been gaining the weight back from what I worked so hard to lose. I'm told fibromyalgia is common with MS. But that doesn't really matter. It still sucks.

On a bright note, I am blessed with a great doctor, am able to seek medical treatment, and this weather is AAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZIIIINNNGG!Have a great week!

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